Why Innovative Dentists Choose the Bite Buddy Mouth Prop System

Atualizado: 22 de Ago de 2019

How do the features of other mouth props compare to everything Ascentcare's Bite Buddy System has to offer?

Many dentists today are searching for a Mouth Prop system that provides an open access work area and offers adaptability and illumination. Ascentcare's innovative Bite Buddy System easily couples with our interchangeable attachments while maintaining total visual and physical access. Our magnetically coupled attachments quickly and easily slide into a track system to meet the variety of demands a dentist has, including that of

intraoral illumination.

While there are many mouth props on the market today that offer some beneficial features, no other mouth props can offer everything that the Bite Buddy Mouth Prop System does.

A few other mouth props have a Saliva Ejector Tube (SET) holder feature. But not without obstructing access or positioning the SET incorrectly, hitting against the patient's front teeth. Ascentcare's Saliva Sidekick was designed to direct the SET into a saliva pooling area and was engineered to hold the SET at an angle that clears the teeth and maintains an open field.

Additionally, Ascentcare's Lighted Saliva Sidekick attachment (pictured above) is one of a kind. No other mouth prop offers both intense intraoral illumination and a SET holder. Even better yet, the Lighted Saliva Sidekick does it all without obstructing the work area.

Ascentcare's illuminated mouth prop attachments are the brightest on the market. Powered by our HyperLUX light engine, our Lighted Saliva Sidekick and our Bite Light light module provide intense, cool illumination that light the work area completely. Other mouth prop systems that provide illumination are obstructive and offer very little light in comparison.

Its easy adaptability, intense illumination and ability to meet a variety of needs are what sets Ascentcare's Bite Buddy System apart from all other mouth props on the market. Visit our site below to learn more about our mouth prop system and all of our other innovative dental instruments.