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Bite Buddy Super Pack


The Bite Buddy was designed to maintain an open access work area while meeting a wide array of clinical applications with several quick and easy-to-interchange attachments.

Efficiently facilitate all your unique needs with Ascentcare Dental Product’s intelligent and patented mouth prop system. Its easy adaptability, intense illumination and ability to meet a variety of needs are what sets Ascentcare's Bite Buddy System apart from all other mouth props on the market. Features of the Bite Buddy mouth prop system include:

  • Expandable. Simply use the Bite Buddy as a stand-alone dental mouth prop or upgrade with one of several accessory attachments at any time.
  • Adaptable. Interchangeable mouth prop accessory instruments can be applied or removed quickly and easily to assist with your various needs during dental procedures.
  • Unobstructed. Total visual and physical access to the work area with all of the Bite Buddy accessory instruments.
  • Innovative. Our exclusive mounting rail and magnetic coupling system allow for simple and quick attachment and retrieval of mouth prop accessory instruments while positioned in the patient’s mouth.
  • Sterilizable. The Bite-Buddy system was designed, engineered and made to withstand repeated sterilization and reuse using industry standard methods.

Many dentists today are searching for a Mouth Prop system that provides an open access work area and offers adaptability. Ascentcare's innovative Bite Buddy System easily couples with our interchangeable attachments while maintaining total visual and physical access. Our magnetically coupled attachments quickly and easily slide into a track system to meet the variety of demands dentists and hygienists have.