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Radical Reflector


The Radical Reflector illuminated mouth mirror was engineered with dentists and hygienists in mind to address intraoral lighting and indirect vision. Transform the way you work by quickly and clearly assessing your patient’s needs.



This fiber optically illuminated mouth mirror offers dentists and hygienists enhanced capabilities to diagnose and provide surgical treatment in difficult to see and reach areas. Features of the Radical Reflector Include:

        → Bright. 80,000 LUX and 6,000K color temperature with a 99% true-color reflection.

        → Fiber Optic. Features a high temperature magnetically coupled lens system with a large 2.5 mm fiber optic element.

        → Strong. Constructed with Lexan medical grade polycarbonate.

        → Smart. Engineered with a built-in cheek and tongue retractor. 

        → Optimized. Mirror angle is in ideal relation to the fiber optic light emitter, providing for a desired uniform illumination.

        → Sterilizable. Designed for sterilization using industry standard cold sterilization methods.

        → Hygienic. Lens is flush with mirror frame, preventing collection of debris.

        → Versatile. Used by dentists and hygienists to meet your unique needs for a variety of dental procedures.