Ascentcare Dental Products Titan Transilluminator fiber optic transillumination instrument dentistry diagnostic

Titan Transilluminator


The Titan Transilluminator is a versatile, fiber optic illuminator with multiple functions. Simple and easy to use, this diagnostic instrument helps detect anterior and posterior caries, and aids in visualization of root and crown fractures and root canal orifice.

The Titan Transilluminator has been developed with many features to give dentists what they need and want in order to find more success while using fiber optic transillumination. Features of the Titan Transilluminator include:

        → Bright. Powered by a high intensity light source, HyperLUX light engine, the Titan Transilluminator emits light at three intensity levels up to 20,000 LUX with a 6,000K color temperature.

        → Fiber Optic. Replaceable 1mm Endo tip light guides that send an intense, narrow beam of light directly where it’s needed.

        → Strong. Constructed with Lexan medical grade polycarbonate.

        → Compact. Pen-sized design with an ergonomic grip make the Titan Transilluminator the perfect instrument.

        → Smart. Engineered with our high temperature fiber optic magnetic coupling system.  

        → Sterilizable. Sterilize using industry standard methods.

        → Hygienic. Fiber Optic light guides are disposable.  

        → Versatile. A wide variety of uses as a diagnostic aid.

Easy magnetic coupling to Ascentcare Dental Product’s HyperLUX light engine, through a fiber optic light guide, creates a finely intensified beam of light at the tip of the Titan Transilluminator to help detect and diagnose. The HyperLUX light engine’s innovative magnetic coupling system allows for 360° rotation of both the included fiber optic cable and the transillumination instrument, eliminating the problems associated with cable binding.