Ascentcare Dental Products Tongue Tamer tongue guard Bite Buddy mouth prop attachment

Tongue Tamer


Tame your patients’ wild tongues and eliminate interference with your work area with the Tongue Tamer tongue guard mouth prop attachment by Ascentcare Dental Products. Chosen by Dentistry Today readers as a top innovative product in 2020 and 2021!


One of the many Bite Buddy mouth prop attachments from Ascentcare Dental Products, the sterilizable Tongue Tamer easily slides into the track of the Bite Buddy mouth prop and is securely held into place via magnetic coupling.

Features of the Tongue Tamer include:

  • Unobstructed. The U-Shaped Bite Buddy mouth prop with the low-profile Tongue Tamer attachment gives you total visual and restraining your patient’s tongue.
  • Innovative. Exclusive mounting rail and magnetic coupling system allow for simple and quick attachment and retrieval of the Tongue Tamer without the need to remove the mouth prop from your patient’s mouth.
  • Sterilizable. The Tongue Tamer was designed, engineered and made to withstand repeated sterilization using industry standard sterilization methods.
  • Versatile. Available in large and small sizes and left and right orientation, this tongue guard attaches to all three sizes of the Bite Buddy mouth prop (small, medium and large).

Ascentcare’s unique Bite Buddy mouth prop, coupled with the Tongue Tamer, provides increased patient comfort and safety while easing your mind during various dental procedures. The U-shaped mouth prop design and low-profile tongue guard leave an open visual and physical work area. Side access and visibility are not compromised while using this system.

Designed with antimicrobial medical grade polycarbonate, the Tongue Tamer is sterilizable and reusable, without the fear of cross-contamination. Simply follow industry standard sterilization procedures for reuse.

The Tongue Tamer can be attached easily to all three sizes of the Bite Buddy mouth prop: small (pedo), medium and large. It is available in small and large sizes to meet your needs for every unique patient and procedure. Both left and right orientation are sold together.