VacuLUX HVE Adapter

VacuLUX HVE Adapter


Illuminate and isolate with the VacuLUX illuminated HVE adapter. Attach Zyris Isolite,  Dryshield or VacuLUX mouthpieces to the VacuLUX adapter and your existing HVE system for a simple solution to moisture control, isolation and illumination. 




Adapter Preference

Features and Benefits of the VacuLUX Illuminated HVE Adapter Include:

Attach to Any HVE Valve
Compatible with your existing standard HVE valve, no additional complicated installation of proprietary valves is needed. 

Dryshield or Isolite/Zyris Compatible 
Illuminate any Dryshield or Zyris/Isolite mouthpiece for a simple, portable and affordable isolation solution.

Complete Intraoral Illumination
Achieve unparalleled visiblity by flooding your work area with bright, white 6,000K shadowless illumination.

Lightweight Aluminum Construction  
Constructed with aerospace grade aluminum, this adapter is durable, light and won’t need costly replacement over time. 

Autoclaveable, One-Piece Design        
Save time by quickly autoclaving the one-piece adapter for reuse. No assembly or disassembly of the adapter is needed. 

Couples to Portable Light Engine 
Easily share your illuminated isolation system between operatories by magnetically coupling to your portable light engine.