VacuLUX Isolation Starter Kit

VacuLUX Isolation Starter Kit


Everything you need to get started, the VacuLUX Isolation Starter Kit includes one HVE Adapter, a Whisper Lite Kit and set of 4 assorted autoclavable mouthpieces (one each of pedo, small, medium & large). 

Adapter Preference

In addtion to a bite block, tongue guard, cheek retractor, high-volume suction and isolation, features of the VacuLUX mouthpiece include:

  • Universal. Fits your Zyris, Dryshield or VacuLUX HVE isolation systems
  • Autoclavable. Approximately 50 cycles per mouthpiece.
  • Comfortable. Designed with a soft, silicone material and a patent-pending comfort flap for increased patient acceptance.
  • Optically Clear. Built in light guide and made of optically clear silicone for optimal illumination with your Zyris system or our HyperLUX light engine.
  • Rollover Edge. Captures escaping liquid for increased spatter reducation and evacuation. 

Features and Benefits of the VacuLUX Illuminated HVE Adapter Include:

  • Attach to Any HVE Valve
  • Compatible with your existing standard HVE valve, no additional complicated installation of proprietary valves is needed. 
  • Dryshield or Isolite/Zyris Compatible 
  • Illuminate any Dryshield or Zyris/Isolite mouthpiece for a simple, portable and affordable isolation solution.
  • Complete Intraoral Illumination
  • Achieve unparalleled visiblity by flooding your work area with bright, white 6,000K shadowless illumination.
  • Lightweight Aluminum Construction  
  • Constructed with aerospace grade aluminum, this adapter is durable, light and won’t need costly replacement over time. 
  • Autoclaveable, One-Piece Design        
  • Save time by quickly autoclaving the one-piece adapter for reuse. No assembly or disassembly of the adapter is needed. 
  • Couples to Portable Light Engine 
  • Easily share your illuminated isolation system between operatories by magnetically coupling to your portable light engine.  

Features of the Whisper Lite Kit include:

  • Lightweight
  • Quiet
  • Works with any HVE Valve
  • Convienient coupler for use with our adapter, mirror or your suction tips